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IV Hydration Therapy

Get revitalized and rejuvenated using IV nutritional therapy at home or work. We offer mobile and in-office services using registered nurses to provide intravenous infusions.

Our staff is friendly and highly experienced. We offer several formulated solutions to address various issues – immune system boost, hangover, headache relief, inner beauty fighting tired skin and wrinkles, speed recovery from flu and colds, chronic fatigue, and post-chemo or COVID-19.

IV Hydration Therapies use nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, and minerals administered directly into the bloodstream. By introducing these nutrients directly into the bloodstream, you remove the actions of digestive enzymes and, therefore, eliminate the alteration in nutrients that may occur.

Additionally, the number of nutrients in the blood can reach higher, more therapeutic levels faster than possible by taking them orally. Life Source Treatment Center offers Nutrient IV Therapies and IV Vitamin Therapies designed to provide essential nutrients and improve overall well-being.

If your immune system needs a boost, you’ll benefit from our pharmacy grade—vitamins and amino in IV form.

The IV Therapy treatment usually takes about 45 minutes to complete. This treatment can help with any of these conditions:

Cold & Flu

Why Is Hydration Therapy Important?

Recent studies show that most of the fluid goes to the tissues around your mouth, throat, and digestive tract when you drink water. To get the rest of your body adequately hydrated, you must drink a great deal of water, which causes stomach cramps. Intravenous (IV) therapy delivers fluids directly into the bloodstream, where they go to the parts that need them most.

Your digestive system has some limits on how much fluid it can take at one time, and when that enters too quickly or doesn’t have enough room for absorption, any nutrients may be flushed out with those excesses. Since IV therapy does not rely on the digestive system to deliver nutrients and fluids, it reduces waste by 70-80%. The result? You retain most of your nutrient intake while still getting all those vital necessary liquids into you efficiently.

Hydration Therapy Menu

Athletic Bag - $310 and Up

Life Source Treatment Center’s Athletic Performance IV Bag can enhance athletic performance and relieve tired aching muscles. This product is a supplement that replenishes fluids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids before, during, and after extreme activities.

Malnutrition Supplement Bag - $310 and Up

The Malnutrition Bag contains vitamin D3, B complex, electrolytes, and other essential vitamins and nutrients for treating malnutrition and other digestive disorders. People suffering from the following could greatly benefit from nutrient IV therapy through regular replacement of lost nutrients and fluids:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Celiac disease
Inflammatory Bowel Disorders, like Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis
Patients that have had Bariatric Surgery or a sleeve/balloon.

Immunity Bag - $310 and Up

The Immunity Bag is an IV nutritional therapy infusion that includes high dosage, pharmaceutical grade vitamin C found to be helpful for:

Chronic fatigue syndrome
Lyme disease
Chronic infections

High Dose Vitamin-C Bag - $325 and Up

The high dose Vitamin-C IV is used for those interested in additional cancer treatments outside the traditional medicine methods. *Requires additional blood tests before treatment.

Liver Detoxification Bag - $295 and Up

This Bag is an IV nutritional therapy complete with glutathione, Vitamin C, B complex, and calcium gluconate that is used for liver repair and detoxification.

Pain Relief Bag - $310 and Up

This IV nutrient therapy is packed with pharmaceutical-grade amino acids solution, riboflavin B1, electrolytes, biotin, and a variety of nutrients aimed at reducing and eliminating debilitating pain.

A better you begins with the first step towards a healthier you.

Take the First Step Towards a Healthier You with IV Therapies at Life Source Treatment Center in Redlands, CA

Contact us today to learn more about how nutrient IV therapy can help you.

NAD + IV Bag - $499 and Up (Requires up to 4 hours)

The benefits of NAD + IV include increased energy levels, improved cognitive function, and reduced inflammation. NAD + also supports healthy aging and is frequently used in addiction recovery.

Package pricing is available at a discount.