Ryan Holton
I’m very grateful that I was referred to Corey and the staff at Life Source Treatment Center, its definitely been a life changing experience for me. Corey is very understanding, knowledgeable and makes your well-being a priority. The services they offer have definitely impacted my health both physically and mentally. Recommending Corey to all my family and friends.
Leslie Nagel
I had a Recovery IV treatment from Corey, and it helped so much when I was sick. I was able to recover overnight and get back to my busy routine the next day. Corey has a lot of great knowledge in health and wellness and explained everything he was doing. Thank you Corey!
Savo Kosic
Corey and Jesus are really good people. Knowledgeable and friendly. I'm very grateful to have an opportunity use their phenomenal services.
Amanda C.
After seeing the ridiculous 1 star rating here I decided to share my experience. I received a high dose vitamin IV therapy. I didn't really know what to expect, except that my boss kept telling me "it's going to be so good for you!" I am so happy I did it! I cant believe how great I feel!! I have been sleeping well, and my anxiety has been far less intense. I can't wait to get my next treatment. Thank you Corey!
Rose B.
I want to say that Tony and Gabrial did a great job with installation of my water treatment. They cleaned up after themselves and were professional and explained every step of my system.
Michael M.
Corey and his team were perfect professionals. They were communicative throughout the process and took care of all my needs. Corey even went so far as to personally hand deliver medications to my home due to my busy schedule which involved leaving for military deployment the following day. I would recommend this business everyone.
Steve K.
My experience was a little different than the previous review. I found the staff warm and professional. I have received 3 IVs and plan to have a PRP treatment on my face. So far I have been Pleased with the services.